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One of the many services offered by our company, CLASSIC INFOMEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, is that of Domain Name Registration. A Domain name in its simplest form is an Internet Website address. Just as any house or apartment has its own unique identifying address for the post office, so does each and every Website in existence.

In the business world, domain names are becoming as common as telephone and fax numbers. It is now often considered as one of the prerequisites for starting an online business. Having a simple or easy to remember registered domain name has become the first priority for a business today because it is a very inexpensive way to get your business name and information in front of the public.

Located in Uttar Pradesh, CLASSIC INFOMEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, is one of the best reliable domain name registrant in India, providing reliable and powerful choices of domain names, domain registration and administration tools, like DNS management, domain protection and a lot more – all at competitive prices. There is no hidden cost and also the domain names are registered the same day the payment is realized. Once registered it is recognized globally and cannot be used by anyone else in the world.

We at CLASSIC INFOMEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, offers a range of extension options - .com, .in, .co. in, .org, .net, .biz, .info, .name, .net. in – which can be easily searched and accessed through some of the top-notch search engines. We are also selling Country Coded Level Domain (CCLD) and Top Level Domain (TLD).

We're proud to say that we have long term business relationships with hundreds of businesses across the entire Indian regions. We have managed domains for small businesses, large corporations, legal firms, and celebrities. Our team of professionals knows what it takes to get your brand and business name registered across the world. We help you with all phases of domain registrations and updates. You will also be provided with an account login to keep track of your domains and we also let you opt for the administrative and registration rights of your domain, thus allowing for complete control of the same.

Our registration process is simple – just send in your requirement and we will provide you with various choices in domain names.

For more information on our company’s Domain registration services, log on to our website web.classicinfomedia.com.